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Thank you for checking out Tunedly, the most innovative online music recording studio you'll encounter this side of cool. The fact that you're here is testament to the reality that you're unsatisfied with current music production options and is looking for something different.

But Tunedly is not only different, it's simply the place to be. Wondering what's inside? Stick around...

Award-winning and qualified musicians

It's no secret that finding qualified musicians to work with on projects for a reasonable price can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. And even when you do find one, there is no telling if they will be worth their salt. Tunedly gives you access to dozens of hand-picked online session musicians for hire, singers, engineers, and producers, some of whom have even won major awards.

We’re talking about musicians who have collaborated with top acts such as Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Wale, Pharrell Williams, and Lisa Page, just to name a few. Need to know more? You can browse through our extensive list to get more acquainted with each professional on our website by viewing their personal profiles. Plus, you can listen to samples of their work to determine whose style and sound is the right fit for your project. To top it off, you can find professionals to work with for almost every genre imaginable.

A game-changing music production platform

Tunedly sets itself apart from other online music recording studios in a number of ways. For starters, it's the first to combine instant messaging and file-sharing capabilities to make it possible for real-time collaboration with vetted studio pros and musicians from anywhere you are in the world (yes, you can connect with multiple musicians all at once, in real-time, not just individually). Furthermore, joining Tunedly gives you the power of creative freedom, which is lacking in many other music production setups.

Premium Membership Extras

As a Premium User, in addition to the online music production capabilities, you also get access to a number of extras that are geared towards helping you find success.

Song plugging portal with song placement guarantee

Finding it hard to make meaningful connections in the music industry? Up your game with guaranteed song plugging. We work with well-connected song pluggers from across the U.S., who can help you get your songs in front of decision makers such as publishers, music supervisors, and record label owners.

In addition to well-connected song pluggers, you can also get access to professional music distribution services, such as Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes. You will also be able to attend informative, virtual songwriting workshops, set up a personalized EPK so you can share your music with anyone who might be interested, and uncover opportunities to get your songs on digital music distribution services, such as Tidal, Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music and iTunes. Add to that the opportunity to attend informative, virtual songwriting workshops, and being able to set up a personalized EPK so you can share your music with anyone who might be interested.

Moreover, Tunedly seeks to help with improving your music knowledge by being an online music recording studio that provides a number of resources for your reading pleasure.

Online Session Musicians Ready for Hire

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Fast Results

Making music with Tunedly is a seamless, painless and quick affair. It's pretty easy to get on board and begin the process, and results are forthcoming much quicker than with traditional studios. A fast turnaround time means you can record more high-quality music in a shorter period than what you are used to. More songs under your belt gives you more pitching opportunities and a higher chance of your music being placed in a major production, being published, or even picked up by a label or artist.

Just want to make music for the love of it only? No problem! One of the core values of Tunedly is to counter the struggles faced by all songwriters. So, if your challenge is simply to complete a few songs to give you a sense of accomplishment, you will find that the platform caters to hobbyist and recreational songwriters just the same. Just state your ambitions and goals and we will work at your pace to get your song sounding just the way you want it.

Help change the game

Join hundreds of music creators who are looking for a better way of making professional-quality music with live instruments, without having to break the bank. We have helped bring to life over 2,500 projects and counting, some of which have landed on the radar of major publishers and other music professionals. You see, when you join Tunedly, you become part of a revolutionizing force, which is focused on breaking down the physical and financial barriers faced by numerous songwriters, lyricists, and artists every day.

Save Money

Tunedly also makes it easy for you to match your budget with the studio pros and session musicians you need to complete your project. No longer is it necessary to spend your life's savings on assembling recognized musicians and booking studios of note to record a song, with no guarantee of success.

Instead, you have the chance to lock in a guaranteed, fixed low price for all services/tracks by upgrading to a Premium Member.

When you make your own song with us, you also get to choose a project manager, if you so desire, to ensure quality control is maintained and that you get your money’s worth. Another bonus of making music with Tunedly is that you get to keep 100% of the rights to your music, instead of having to share them.

World-class customer support

Backing the ease and convenience of making music with Tunedly is our dedicated customer support. You can have all queries and concerns addressed in a quick and efficient manner and all projects are monitored by a trained professional, who ensures your interests are protected. Plus, it's easy to stay in touch at any time via live chat or email.

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